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Welcome to the Swedish Life Saving Society

About Swedish Life Saving Society

It has been observed that the ability to swim - the first condition for the chance of saving oneself or being saved in case of risk of drowning - is very little spread among the Swedish people, especially among those, who are most exposed to this risk. Only a few persons have any knowledge of the most appropriate way of rescuing persons from drowning and of the care which is necessary for their resuscitation. To reduce this deficient capacity ought to be a duty. A general ambition to fulfill this aim will lead to the saving of many persons.

Founded in the 19th century

These suggestive words are to be found in the proclamation which was spread in thousands of copies in connection with the founding of Swedish Life Saving Society. The founding took place on the 28th of November 1898 at the Royal Castle in Stockholm. Presiding at this occasion was HRH Croun Prince Gustaf. The Swedish Life Saving Society thus celebrates its centenary in the year of 1998. As one part of the celebrations the Board of Directors has decided to publish a jubilee-book, which reflects the comprehensive and diverse activities during 100 years and which also includes some ideas about the future. 

The jubilee-book

As an introduction of the jubilee-book there is a review with a survey of the first four decades of the history of the Swedish Life Saving Society and negotiations with the Swedish Swim Promotion Society which lead to the description is divided in special sections reflecting the different activities of SLS.
In the second chapter there are articles about SLS continuous efforts during the 100 years to reach the goal - a good general ability to swim.
The essential question about the best methods and means of aquatic life-saving and resuscitation of the apparently drowned is dealt with in several articles in the chapter about life-saving.
Safety is inscribed as a word of honor in the constitution of SLS and is ruling the whole activity of the organization. The lifebuoy is an outstanding symbol for security and safety. This lifebuoy has also been used for saving more lives than any other life-saving equipment. Therefore it is natural that the logotype of SLS includes a lifebuoy.

100 years of bathing

In the chapter To swim and feel well there is a description of the development of the bathing establishments in Sweden during the 100 years. SLS as a promoter of good bathing environment and leisure-time activities connected with bathing is highlighted in this chapter.

International engagement

The engagement of SLS in the international activities has been important and fruitful for the organization. SLS played a prominent role in the work that resulted in founding a world body in the field of aquatic life-saving, the International Life Saving Federation, ILS. Regularly running conferences have secured an inter-nordic exchange of experiences in water safety. These items are described in the section about international activity.

Getting young people involved

Very early people within SLS realized the advantages connected with arranging competitions in aquatic life-saving as a way of getting young people more involved in the activities of SLS. In the chapter about life-saving sports the contents and formation of the competitions are described and also the most important events, in which SLS have taken part.
In the end of the jubilee-book there is a study about the future and a description of the most successful projects during the 1990's, namely The Children's Life Saving School, Self Protection - Water Safety and The Beach. As a conclusion the long-time planning, SLS in the 2000’s is included.

SLS has acted successfully during the first 100 years of its existence. Now we are looking forward to the next 100 years and we hope that those years also will be productive and prosperous.